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Eruditions Publishing, is open for submissions from academic/professional authors.

Eruditions Academic publishes higher level academic and professional textbooks.  Whilst some of our books are in business computing and psychology, we are interested in any discipline with a definite student market, (especially maths, science, computing, business, medicine and social science). (If you have 200+ students p.a., we may be able to help you create a textbook.) If you are writing a textbook, have a set of good lecture notes, or if you simply have an interest or intention to write a book, why not talk about it with us? We will, at the very least, offer you advice on how to proceed, whether or not you publish with us. For example, check out our Secrets of Publishing – Why Publishers Publish?

Silvan House publishes select general fiction and non-fiction titles, but not children’s books. Readability, originality, entertainment, practicality and experience-based are key criteria.
However, please note: Silvan House does not publish short stories or childrens books and currently has a full future publishing plan.

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If we publish, what royalties are paid? Eruditions Publishing pays royalties at competitive rates. We will be happy to discuss royalties (and any other matter) with any potential author.

 Copyright, permissions and publishing contracts?

These issues are covered by our author contract which is similar to most publishers’ contracts. However, as an Eruditions’ author you retain copyright, granting the publisher an exclusive licence. In relation to permissions, as with all commercial publishing, all works for publication must be copyright cleared. We welcome discussion of any copyright matter, or any concerns you may have relating to contracts, or other matters.

[We recommend you check out Secrets of Publishing - Publishing Contract]

Simply email us for ititial contact, or send your us a 10 page proposal with your details.
Eruditions Publishing

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Email: publisher@eruditions.com.au