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About Us

Who Is Eruditions Publishing?

Eruditions has been producing high quality academic books and multimedia products for local and global markets for 20 years. We have recently opened our new general book imprint, Silvan House, and the first Silvan House books will be available later this year. Eruditions Publishing is a fully-independent, Australian-owned, commercial publisher. Our staff have extensive experience in all aspects of book publishing, from manuscript selection, author contracting and guidance, production, printing, marketing and booktrade distribution.

Kind of books published?

Eruditions Academic publishes higher level tertiary and professional textbooks (2nd year up). Our books cover a variety of discplines including in business, computing, psychology, education, and medicine. If, as an academic, you’re not sure whether your work will suit us, why not ask us? We are interested in a wide variety of academic and professional titles.

Silvan House is publishing a select, but diverse range of general fiction and non-fiction titles. We do not publish children’s books. Our general publishing goal is to entertain, inform and sometimes inspire.

If you are writing, or simply want to know more, check out our author’s page.

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