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The Golden Hoax – Reader Comments

‘Australian Author: Chris Flint’
Dog Walking ReviewerPre-publication readers of The Golden Hoax have made many positive comments, such as:

    - “Well written and easy to read” – common response
    - “I couldn’t put it down!” – common response
    - “This would make a great movie!” – common response
    - “Intelligent”
    - “Original and entertaining”
    - “Scary”
    - “Very believable”
    - “Relentlessly inspiring”
    - “Very credible – both the characters and events”
    - “I learnt a lot about astronomy.”

Here are some longer comments from our pre-publication readers:

“I don’t read many books, so was surprised how easy it was to read. Also how much I enjoyed it! Like free-wheeling down hill, you start slowly and before you know it, you are blazing along at breakneck speed. I couldn’t put it down until I finished. Now I can’t wait for the sequel!”

“I thought the plot was very clever – original and not at all predictable. Definitely not just another b-grade movie script.”

“This is a book for the intelligent reader. The characters, good and bad, are not stupid. The story very believable. Great ending. Make a good movie.”

“Don’t be misled, not really science fiction. Thought I’d hate it, but I was wrong. Really good stuff! Read it!”

“Nice to see a book full of smart people. Much more believable. Also a woman in a lead role! At last.”

“Wow! I’ve read science fiction/fantasy, but this is different! No ray guns or Wookies! But still exciting and scary. It’s about real people and real space – NASA and beyond. It also comes to grips with some ethical issues that will face us if we go out there. A great read for anyone who loves space.”

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