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Silvan House:  A unique collection of entertaining, insightful and thought-provoking fiction and literary non-fiction works, available in Paperback and E-book formats.

Looking for Chris Flints books? Follow the links below:

Chris Flint’s top selling novel ‘The Golden Hoax’ (2023)

Chris Flint’s Selected Short Poems ‘Fragments’ (2023)


  • Silvan House is new. It is the younger sibling of the very respectable academic book publisher Eruditions Academic, which has been publishing  since 1997.
  • Silvan House publishes fiction and non-fiction books for the general reader. We supply readers directly by our on-line order payment system. Trade enquiries also welcome.
  • Silvan House books are all original and unique (and copyright). You will not find these books elsewhere, unless they came from here first.
  • Silvan House will supply both e-book (epub) and paperback editions of its titles.


Silvan House is about entertainment, literary skills, and at times inspiration.

We publish uniquely conceived and crafted works which we are convinced are worthy of your attention as a reader, even in these busy days of Internet searches and streaming TV.


Our website is developing even as our first books are being prepared for the press.