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Submission policy and procedure here.

Currently our publishing schedule is full. So that we do not waste your time, please do not send manuscripts. We are temporarily unable to accept new submissions.

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Here are some notes on what we seek in fiction and non-fiction.


Silvan House has a number of forthcoming new and exciting novels in preparation for publication.

Our books have been carefully selected for our modern audience – emphasising their originality, readability, well-crafted style as well as having highly entertaining and unpredictable stories .

A work of fiction is not made valuable by its genre (crime, science fiction, history, social commentary, romance, humour, horror, fantasy etc.), but rather by the unique expression and insight into life it offers. No matter which genres a writer chooses or mixes together, his or her work is of interest to a broader audience if it is also entertaining, well-written, informative, thoughtful and original. (We are reminded of novels like Murder on the Orient Express, Jurassic Park, Moby Dick, Crime and Punishment, Sons and Lovers, First Ladies Dectective Agency, Turn of the Screw and Lord of the Rings. The authors of these works and many other writers are household names today, not because they wrote ‘great works’, but rather because we, their audience, enjoy reading and re-reading their unique and insightful novels (or seeing them as films).

Nobody enjoys every genre of fiction, nor every work within any one genre. However, poor and high quality writing is spread through every genre of fiction. Good novelists in any genre may write with masterful literary styles, to bring us highly entertaining stories, and at the same time offer us throughtful insights into our lives and unexpected challenges to our assumptions.



Silvan House has a number of non-fiction titles in preparation for publication.

Our books are carefully chosen for their informative, readable, entertaining and unique contribution to our everyday lives. (Silvan House general non-fiction books are not textbooks for educational courses – see Eruditions Academic.)

Not all general non-fiction books are written by celebrity chefs, politicians or sportspersons. Nor is all non-fiction dry, boring or humourless. Silvan House non-fiction are factual works by gifted individuals drawing on their unusual life experiences, specialist knowledge, and/or common-sense communication skills. Most non-fiction works (e.g. a cookbook, a biography) could rarely claim to be much more than a meaningful contribution to the wealth of knowledge available in many forms today. But some great works of non-fiction may strive to be more than this. They may strive to live or die by their practical usefulness or by the transformative impact they may have upon us. These works may not only help us to understand and cope with our everyday lives, they may improve or even transform our lives. Such works have always existed (Plato’s Republic, Julius Ceasar’s The Civil War, Thomas More’s Utopia, Machiavelli’s The Prince, Bunyan’s Prilgrim’s Progress, JS Mill’s On Liberty, Toffler’s Future Shock, Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth, Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, and so on.) Where relevant, every reasonable effort is made to ensure our works are factually-based and consistent with accepted scientific evidence-based theories (e.g. spherical Earth).

So, what you will find here are easily read, interesting, entertaining and challenging books, with new approaches and/or down-to-earth practical suggestions to enlighten and inspire everyday people living everyday life.

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